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How Can I Prevent Mold From Growing in My Home?

The answer is simple: keep your home dry. If mold does not have water/moisture it cannot grow but this article is for those who already have a mold infestation and trying to completely get rid of them.

The only acceptable solution is to hire a professional mold removal company because they can inspect and assess your property. They have the training, equipment and expertise to handle the situation. During a mold inspection, a technician will perform a visual inspection and then test the air with a device commonly referred to as a sniffer. Depending on the findings, the technician may send a mold sample in for lab testing.

Mold removal companies like TLC Experts who are one of the leading mold removal companies in Vero Beach FL, who also determine the extent of mold damage in the Vero Beach FL area and also provide the best mold remediation techniques in the Vero Beach FL axis, understand the serious risks associated with mold exposure and often provide emergency mold removal services.

After removal, they will treat an infected area to prevent future occurrences. Mold removal contractors also have tools to detect unseen mold that may be hiding behind walls, floors, and ceilings. It’s important for home owners to hire a licensed, experienced mold testing and Removal Company because of the health issues associated with mold growth in homes.

If you notice a small amount of mold in your home, it’s okay to remove it by cleaning the area with hot water and a proper detergent. While bleach does kill many types of viruses and bacteria, it doesn’t sufficiently kill mold. Adding one cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water will provide better results.

If you do plan to clean mold from your home, wear gloves and a face mask to prevent inhaling or ingesting the spores. It’s important to make sure the area you are cleaning is properly ventilated to prevent exposure. For larger, problematic areas, you should contact TLC Experts.

Mold, one type of fungus, is different from plants, animals and bacteria; they are eukaryotic micro-organisms that are decomposers of dead organic material such as leaves, wood and plants. Water is their source of life, without which it cannot grow. Mold also needs a food source, oxygen and a temperature between 40 degrees and 100 degrees F.

They can grow by extension of hyphae that are like tiny root hairs. In this way, a small colony of them can expand to cover many square feet of material.

Most people are not affected by exposure to low concentrations of mold, unless they are exposed to a lot. Unfortunately, we are not quite certain what “a lot of mold” means. Exposure can cause and exasperate allergies in susceptible people, but we don’t know how much exposure is necessary to start the development of allergy. If you have asthma, exposure can cause an asthma attack or make your chronic asthma get worse.

Molds sometimes make powerful chemicals called mycotoxins. Penicillin is a mycotoxin that we use because it can kill certain bacteria. Unfortunately some of these mycotoxins make people sick. Mycotoxins can cause illness when they are inhaled, absorbed through skin or ingested (swallowed).

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